About me

Information about my firm

Bruno’s Audit and Consulting business
VAT SE560401407501
The business was founded in June 2009
Owner: Bruno Christensen – Authorized accountant and Qualified accounting consulent 

Location: Malmö, Sweden
The business has a notice of tax assessment for self-employed persons
SE - Bank giro service 5353-5316, within Sweden
SE banken - Swiftadress
IBAN nummer
SE295 000 000 00 5526 1021 480



Professional experience

Over the years I have been working with both small and large businesses, spanning from housing co-operatives and private businesses to companies listed on the stock exchange. It has been a pleasure and a challenge and it has also been rewarding to work within this broad span with different business types and sizes.

I have worked with focus on construction and real-estate companies and have thereby obtained good knowledge about the business regarding taxes and accounting matters. Examples of businesses I have worked with are Skanska AB, Veidekke Sverige AB, AB Sydsten, AB Tetra Pak, Drott AB, etc.

In the future I will continue working within the same broad span, both with current clients and future ones, within the audit and consultation areas.

Testimonials from a few clients

Veidekke ASA, Financial manager Per Erik Fröyen:

– "I have always highly valuated the cooperation with you and I know for certain that our organisation in Skåne, Sweden has too."

Veidekke Sverige AB, Group CEO Per-Ingemar Persson:

– "It has been very reassuring knowing that you have been with us."

AB Tetra Pak – Real Estate, Controller Anders Strandberg:

– "We highly appreciate your competence, your social commitment and your concern."

Ingemar Torstensson, former CEO and financial manager at Boxolm Skogar AB

– "Bruno has in a correct and friendly manner performed his accounting here. Bruno has great knowledge about accounting and tax issues and is, the way I see it, loyal, well-informed, and he also has a pleasant personality".

Marlene Hassel, former centre manager Center Syd, currently marketing manager of Solkärnan AB:

- "You always came up with professional solutions."

- "Answer my e-mail: Fee for consultation" - "Splendid, thanks once again".

Clas Ohlsson, former CFO at Drott AB, currently account executive at SBAB, Malmö:

– "Damn good."